IBM Solana, Dallas, Texas

Landscape Architect: The Office of Peter Walker/Martha Schwartz

Project Designers: Lisa Roth, Peter Walker

Architects: Mitchell Giurgola; Riccardo Legorreta Arquitectos; HKS; Leason Pomeroy

Location: Westlake and Southlake, Texas

Description: IBM Solana is a regional headquarters encompassing 7 million square feet of office

space, a marketing center,and a "village center" with a hotel, retail and recreational faclilties. The 850-acre campus is designed to minimize its visual impact by siting clusters of low-rise buildings in the bowl of the prairie, leaving wooded uplands intact. The majority of the site is a native wildflower meadow, while terraced parterres and pedestrian streets link the office buildings. Surface parking is concealed in courtsformed by handsome parking structures.