Office And Commercial Projects

Cambridge Crossing, NJ 1989

Client: Rouse & Associates Architect: Jerome Solomon Associates

Commerce Bank, Laurel Hill, NJ 1999-2000,

Three office buildings and training center. Architect: Inter-Arch

Eaglepointe, Eagle, PA

Client: J. Loew Associates

Enterprise Heights, Philadephia, PA

Architect: Erdy MCHenry Architecture

Mid-rise office building with plaza greeting the to-be-renivated el stop, two "green" roof gardens with recreational facilities.

Four Penn Center Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

GAP International Headquarters, Marple Township, PA

Architect: Casaccio Architects

Monsanto World Headquarters, Chicago. IL Conceptual Master Plan

Architect: Francis Cauffman Foley Hoffmann

Penn Fuel Gas Headquarters, Chester County, PA

Architect: Francis, Hoffmann, Foley, Hoffman

Regional Financial Center, Philadelphia, PA

Client: U.S. Treasury Department

Architect: Architectural Alliance

Southpointe V, Berwyn, PA

Client: Terramics

Architect: Francis, Cauffman, Foley, Hoffmann

Transportation World Wide, Newark, DE

Architect: Architectural Alliance

WHYY Studios Philadelphia, PA

Architect: Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates

Wyeth Ayerst Laboratories, West Chester, PA 1992

Architect: Architectural Alliance

Office Building, Delaware River Basin Authority,

Carney's Point, NJ

Architect: Tevebaugh Associates